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Too much loveliness
09 Apr 2014



With a mom straight out of Ireland I have grown up with a great appreciation for a wonderful story. I feel very privileged to share Alan of Alexander Avery Fine Chocolate’s story with you. Its a little like a modern day fairytale that is inspiring, and charming and mixed in with chocolate sprinkles, pistachios and cranberries.

Alexander Avery is a story of an investment banker who traveled the world and came home to make chocolate. His love for food is both rooted in his worldly gallivanting and right at home with his father and brother being chefs too! The chocolate brand is named after his two sons Alexander & Avery.

Chocolate was his chosen art form because of the wide variety of flavour profiles and the technicality behind chocolate making. Alexander Avery is bringing chocolate making styles from all across Europe, including London, Barcelona and Paris. So here’s hoping the chocolates are a combination of Barcelona's passion and festivity, Paris’s romance and sophistication and London’s good old common sense. He has brought some fresh and exciting flavours into his chocolates including lemongrass, lime leaves and coconut cream ganache!

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